Previous steps:

1./ Signup to itopia
2./ Create your first Deployment
3./ Add DNS record

4./ Configure RDS License Server

itopia software will accept any valid Microsoft license and validate the input based on the digits format. You can check the document providing more detailed information about the different Microsoft licenses that can be used for terminal server.

Once you launch the environment to cloud and the configuration finishes, you'll get a task to add RDS license configuration for your domain controller. The task looks like below:

Once you get your RDS license, mark the task and click the checkmark to complete it:

The system will ask you to input the license:

Once you record the license and hit Complete button, your licensing server will be configured automatically.

If you don't have a valid RDS license yet, you can take advantage of Microsoft 120 days grace period. Just make sure you complete the task before the grace period is over so you comply with licensing requirements for your environment.

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