Previous steps:

1./ Signup to itopia
2./ Create your first Deployment

3./ Add DNS record

When launching a deployment, the system asks you for External DNS Name. This must be a domain that you own or its subdomain. 

The reason system needs it is that before the deployment, the IPs of your servers are unknown and we need to configure the RDP file for your Client. To make RDP file configuration easier for you, we use the domain address as an authentication instead of the server IP. It means that once the client is launched, you will add a DNS record for your server IP address. The record will relate the IP with the External DNS Name you provided. When all is setup, users will just download an RDP file and enter their credentials to connect to their cloud workspace. 

After the client is deployed, you will get a task in itopia - Tasks section to Create a DNS A RECORD for your subdomain (domain you provided with the 3 letter servercode) that resolves to your server IP. 

Depending on who is your domain provider (your web hosting company), you will connect to their website to add a DNS record.

Below we present 2 examples of the configuration. These steps vary depending on your DNS provider, you can check with them for support.

If you have GoDaddy, you can go for a guide on how to create your DNS record to:

If you have Cloudflare, follow the steps here:

-Note: Cloudflare offers a feature called virtual dns. This would have to be disabled for the dns record to work. Click here for more information on this feature. 

When you finished the configuration. you can mark the task as complete in itopia - Tasks section and continue to the next step.

Next steps:

After completing the DNS record your environment is ready for further setup. If you haven't already, you can run PC Discovery (or Network discovery) to easily inventory your client's environment and technical data.
You can also create users and test the end user login.

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