Cloud Desktops on Chromebooks
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itopia's Cloud Desktops can be accessed from virtually any device, including Google Chromebooks.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Servers (RDS) works very well on Chromebooks.   Be sure to get Chromebooks which support Android applications since Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client is an Android application.

Once the user downloads their itopia RDP file from (pre-configured with RDP Gateway, Server Name & Username), open the file with the client by right-clicking and open with.  Also remember to set the file type association to always open .rdp files with the RDP client.

Change Password

Once logged in to their Cloud Desktop, this can be accomplished by holding Ctrl + Alt + Backspace at the same time.

Provision & Manage Chromebooks:  GSuite

Provision and manage internal Chromebooks via GSuite Admin Console located at

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