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Virtual Display Devices on Virtual Machines in GCP
Virtual Display Devices on Virtual Machines in GCP

RMM and other applications often require virtual display devices on VMs

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Many solutions such as system management tools, remote desktop software, and graphical applications require you to connect to a display device on a remote server or virtual machine (VM).

This is especially true of Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) applications such as SolarWinds RMM, Kaseya VSA, etc.  Fortunately, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) supports the enablement of virtual display devices.

This also gives your VM Video Graphics Array (VGA) capabilities without having to use GPUs, which can be powerful but also expensive. 

itopia's CAS enables virtual display devices on all VMs by default. However, it is optional for customers leveraging our API. 

To learn more about how GCP handles virtual Display Devices, click here.

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