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Keep current with 2019 CAS releases (everything from fixes to features)

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Release 12/24/2019

  • RAM/CPU quantities can now be entered directly in their respective input boxes (the slider can still be used to set these values).

Release 12/17/2019

  • CAS now supports Microsoft’s External Connectors Licensing (ECL) option for end-user RDS licenses.   Customers now have the choice between ECLs or most frequently used CALs (Client Access Licenses). 

Release 12/12/2019

  • CAS now supports Shielded VMs by Google Cloud Platform (GCP).   Shielded VMs extend CAS security by delivering a built-in set of security features to help protect enterprise workloads from threats.

  • More GCP deployment info is displayed in Deployment Details pane.

Release 10/10/2019

  • Itopia Support temporarily accesses customer environment via the Support token option.

  • Wording in the Profile menu in itopia CAS was updated.

  • Integrations module was moved from the main menu to the Profile menu (person icon in the top right corner of itopia CAS).

Release 10/7/2019

  • "View Tour" button that displays more information about configuring Collection Pools was included when creating a new collection or editing an existing one.

Release 9/22/2019

  • When editing a security group that's used to restrict an application, the group membership changes are automatically applied to the application restriction as well.

Release 8/21/2019

  • RC Collections are now Collection Pools and they support multi-region deployments, custom collection sizing and automatic Stackdriver installation for session host instances.

Release 8/6/2019

  • ConnectWise integration: the Product filter now works with Product ID as well besides the Product description.

Release 7/26/2019

  • When deleting a deployment, our system will now delete only the VPNs inside the related GCP project that were created by CAS (those that have a name starting with "VPN-clientcode").  The VPNs created in CAS prior to 7/26/2019 will need to be deleted manually.

Release 7/15/2019

  • Only CAS account admins with Owner role are allowed to make changes to the itopia subscription including adding and removing add-ons.

  • The length of the initial end user password set at the user creation was extended to 20 characters.

Release 7/5/2019

  • When uploading a .pfx file through a task in CAS, password verification will be required.

Release 7/1/2019

  • When creating a new Share in CAS, you can now determine if the assigned users will have access to all the subfolders. 

  • All the new VMs will be created with CPU platform Skylake or higher (if available in the zone).

Release 6/6/2019

Release 4/18/2019

  • itopia CAS now supports RD Collections for all deployments and Autoscaling module became part of the RD Collection settings.

Release 4/9/2019

  • Reset feature was added to Server uptime and the wizard was updated to show uptime events separately.

Release 4/1/2019

  • A new BigQuery schema was released for Insights module making querying and dashboarding of Insights more efficient.

Release 3/22/2019

  • Windows Server 2019 is now available for all deployments in CAS.

Release 2/26/2019

  • Application restriction is now managed through groups creating a single logon script for all users instead of having individual logon scripts per user. The change improves the behavior of the feature and reduces the time needed to make any updates to the restrictions.

Release 2/6/2019

  • The Shares are now managed through GPO's. Users' logon scripts are not being edited to map the correct shares.

Release 1/16/2019

  • Before the Autoscaling process is executed, it will check if there's enough RAM/ CPU and GPU quota in GCP.

  • Snapshots module is now showing what VM instance the snapshot belongs to and lists the snapshots that belong to deleted VM instances in red.

  • Activity module (audit logs) search wizard was moved to left and the search speed was improved.

Release 1/13/2019

  • Audit logs now contain Application details after making changes to the Apps in CAS.

  • Deleting a deployment is now available even if the GCP resources are not accessible anymore.

  • When deleting an VM instance created in CAS, directly from GCP, the VM instance disks will not be deleted.

Release 1/5/2019

  • All deployments now have the feature to import users from Active Directory.

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