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Granting itopia Temporary Access to Your Deployment
Granting itopia Temporary Access to Your Deployment
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To help troubleshoot issues and provide support, you can allow itopia support to access your deployment for a specific amount of time. You may want to grant access to itopia Support agents when you’re facing an issue that is too complex to be understood when the agent has no visibility to your account.

NOTE: Allowing itopia to access your account does not provide access to your deployment servers, it only allows support agents to see certain elements that are normally available in your itopia CAS portal.

The account access setting is part of your Help options in the portal. This setting is disabled by default, and can be enabled by any account admin. You can grant access to your account for a set period of time for selected deployments providing the itopia support agent a "Support token".

To grant itopia access to your account, click the question mark from the top right corner of the portal and select Support token option:

Under "Deployments", select the deployment that the support will get access to and define the time for the access under "Expiration" section:

When the token is displayed, click Copy and paste the token code to the chat or the ticket that you have open with the support. Also provide them with the deployment code(s) that you enabled the access for.

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