How to Enable Stackdriver Monitoring Agent

Enabling Stackdriver agent for GCP monitoring.

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Our software has recently released an easy way to integrate your deployment with Stackdriver API for monitoring.
The installation of Google Cloud's Stackdriver agents on Session Hosts can be enabled at the provisioning. For existing deployments you can control the setting from RD Collections.
In each Collection Pool, administrators can choose to separately enable the the Stackdriver Monitoring Agent and Stackdriver Logging Agents on Session Host servers. These agents can then be configured in the Google Cloud Console to provide metrics and alerting based on custom criteria.

  1. Enabling the monitoring tools at the provisioning

During the deployment configuration in CAS, at the bottom of you will see the Stackdriver monitoring agent and Stackdriver logging agent, make sure these two are enable better you press next.

         Enabling / disabling the monitoring for existing deployments

The setting can be managed separately per RD collection. Open Cloud Desktops Section - RD Collections. Mark the collection you will be editing and click the pencil icon. Enable / disable Stackdriver agents and click Save.

2. Enabling Stackdriver API for the first time

Logging to and go to Stackdriver > Monitorng

*Once you press Monitoring, it will take 5-10 minutes to load the Stackdriver API.

3. Monitoring 

If everything was setup correctly in the deployment, when you enter to Monitoring you should see something like this :

To learn more about how to use Stackdriver please visit the official Google documentation here.

Note: Everyime you add a new server from CAS, you can enable Stackdriver option to install the agents in the new server as well. The setting is also available on RD Collection level as described above.

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