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Granting itopia admin access to your environment
Granting itopia admin access to your environment
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You can add the admin account for itopia from the top right corner menu. Select Admins:
Note: Only the account owner can add admin accounts.

You’ll see the list of admins under the ADMINS tab. 

Click on the green + sign to invite a new admin: 

You will specify the details like the email address provided to you by our team and the "Role" that should be Editor.
Restrict  the new admin account access to just the deployment(s) that the itopia team needs access to. 

After adding the deployments that the admin will have access to, click SEND INVITE

Our team will now receive an email with an invitation to create itopia platform password.
When the password is created, the system will create server admin credentials to deployments' servers and send them by email to the itopia team.

IMPORTANT: in order for our team to receive server admin credentials, make sure that your pdc servers are turned on.

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