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Updating Storage on User Session Host Servers
Updating Storage on User Session Host Servers

Updating storage to all user sessions or a single session when you have Autoscale enable in RD Collections

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Updating Storage Across all User Sessions

    1. Go to Cloud Desktops > RD Collection Pools

    2. Change the Boot Disk Size in the Autoscale configuration and then click save.

Updating Storage to a Single User Session Server

  1. Disable Autoscale

      Go to Cloud Desktops > RD Collections Pools > Disable Autoscale

     Click save after disabling autoscale.

     2. Go to Cloud Manager > VM instances
          Select the instance that you want upgrade the storage for and click edit.

          Click on the Disk Size(GB) that you currently have, edit the size the of the storage and then press save.      

Note: After the changes are saved allow several minutes for the instances to update.

Google currently doesn't allow you to remove additional storage once allocated, even if you haven't expanded the disk, so always be sure you're adding the correct amount of space to the right disk. 

To add a new disk, define the Disk size and Disk Type first and then click on the + sign on the right to add the disk to the VM instance.

Important: When allocating drive space, keep in mind that due to Windows limitations, you cannot expand the boot disk to more than 2 TB.

3. Enable Autoscale again

Go to Cloud Desktops > RD Collections Pools > Enable Autoscale

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