Moving a User to a new Collection

Switching a user to a different collection

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Users can quickly and easily moved between different collections in WorkAnywhere. This provides flexible user management, so users can move between collections when they move to a new office or join a new team.

Remember, the user must be logged off their Cloud Desktop to start the process. 

When this change happens, it disables the user, moves their User Profile to the new collection, edits the collection settings, then enables the user again. The whole process normally takes less than 5 minutes. Learn more about User Profile Containers here.

Head over to Cloud Desktops > Users

Find and select the user needing to be changed and hit Edit

Now, select the Collection Pool to assign the user under Assign to Collection Pool setting and hit Save

The change should take between 5-10 minutes.

Once completed, the user needs to download a new RDP file from for their new collection.

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