If you created a deployment extending your existing domain, you can decide what users and security groups you want to bring to itopia and GCP. 

After your provisioning finished and you completed your provisioning tasks, go to Cloud Desktops > Users.

You will get the message stating there are no users in your deployment. The system will offer you an option to import them from your existing AD. 

To import users from local AD, CAS filters the search and exclude users that match any of the conditions below:
- Locked or disabled users
- Members of Administrators, Domain Admins or Enterprise Admins Groups
- Member of the CAS deployment Users group.

Before importing users to CAS make sure they do not match those conditions or they will be unavailable.

To create those users in itopia and GCP click ADD USERS FROM AD button.

You will get a list of your AD users, click the check box next to the users that you want to bring to GCP and click Save.

To import groups, go to Security Groups module and follow the same process.

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