All virtual graphic workstations users are provided with a dedicated 1:1 VM so they don't affect other users when it comes to resource utilization. VMs are powered by NVIDIA® P100 GPU accelerators through Teradici’s PCoIP so users get optimal remote desktop experience. 

Creating a user

When logged in to itopia CAS, go to the main menu on the top left corner and under Cloud Desktops section select Users. Then click on the green + sign to add a new user

Provide new user information like Name, Email address, etc and click Next

In the next step you get to define the workstation configuration. See below the details for each field:

Zone: select the datacenter location depending on where the user will be connecting from. You can choose from locations that you enabled when creating the deployment. The zone that you select must support GPUs.

Instance type: select the instance type depending on how much RAM and CPU you want to add to the VM

Operating system: Choose Linux or Windows OS for the new VM

Disk type: select SSD or Standard storage disk and click the green plus sign to add it to your machine

Teradici Agent: Right now we support Graphic Teradici agent. It's the software that allows remote connections to virtual machines using PCoIP protocol. Select it and continue

GPU type: choose the type and quantity of GPUs to accelerate workloads on the instance.
All NVIDIA® Tesla GPU types are currently in Beta version and to use them, you need to request them from Google here.

Keep in mind that every GPU type is able to support wider range of virtual CPUs and RAM. Check the below table for each GPU type and the amount of available CPUs and memory:

For example, the first type (1 GPU, 16 HBM2 is able to support instances with up to 10 cores and 104 GB of RAM). More information about NVIDIA® processing units is available here.

License activation code: insert your Teradici license number (Teradici license must be purchased from the vendor directly)

Lastly, click DONE to start the process of creating the user VM. 

The status in Users module will appear in orange as pending and the process to create the new VM should take about 10 minutes to finish.

Next steps:

End User Connection to Graphic Virtual Workstation

Edit Graphic Virtual Workstation User and VM

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