End User Login Using Server IP

Learn how to login to the cloud desktop using server IP

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The following instructions describe how to login to the cloud desktop as end user using the server IP instead of the DNS name that's configured at the provisioning.

Note: Using the IP will not work if you provisioned an RDS Gateway

To be able to create user account and login, first go to the Tasks module and make sure you completed the task to create DNS record

After you create the end user account, go to https://myrdp.download/ and download the RDP file for the user.

Look for the IP address of your session host server. You can find it under Cloud Manager - VM Instances. The IP you need is the External IP of session host server that has a shortcut xxxFBU or xxxBUS (xxx stands for your deployment code). 

Copy the IP

To edit the RDP file, right click on it and select "Edit" option

Delete anything under "Computer" field and paste the IP

Click Connect.

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