itopia Catalog for Cloud migration

Inventory an existing infrastructure prior to Cloud migration

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itopia "Catalog" section works to collect the technical information about the environment that will be moved to Google Cloud.
The technical information can be gathered by PC Discovery and Network discovery tools.

When you run the discovery, the system will gather the details of a user that ran it (in case of PC discovery) or details of all users in the network (in case of Network discovery).
It will list the Applications, Security groups, shared drives, Workstations, Servers (in case of Network discovery), Printers and Network nodes.

You will be then able to import this data to the "Cloud Desktops" section. Learn more about importing discovery data from the Catalog in the below documents:

You will also be able to review the following information:

  • Workstations that executed the discovery tool, or were discovered on the network

  • Printers: local printers will be redirected through RDP to the workspace

  • Network Nodes

  • Servers

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