Publish a Mapped Drive for Remote Application Access
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With itopia you have an option of giving a single application access to a user instead of provisioning the full cloud desktop. You can also select more than one application for this purpose or give user an access to a shared drive, all without giving user access to a full remote desktop.

You can learn more about giving access to a remote app here

If you enabled the remote app for user already and you need to give them shared drive access, follow the steps below:

  1. Create the share you want mapped from Folders - Shares clicking on the green + sign

2. Add an application, you will need to add your share as an Application, name it anything you want that users will recognize   

3. Complete app installation task. Since you just formally added the application so you can map the drive to it, you don't have to install anything in the server.   

4. Back in the Applications module, configure the settings for the application/share you just added

5. Enable remote application and set the path to the windows explorer executable ( C:\Windows\explorer.exe ) and Save 

6. Assign the users to the application who will get access to this shared drive   

7. Log onto the broker, open the Server Manager and add all the servers in the domain to the Server Manager console 

a.) Top right corner click on Manage and select Add Servers 

b.) Click on Find Now, select all the server in the click and click on ► and hit OK 

8. Once the servers finish loading in the Server Manager, click on Remote Desktop Services and then on Collections 

9. Under Remoteapp Programs select the application you just added, right click on it and select Properties 

10. Under Parameters select Always use the following command-line parameters and type in /e,K: and click OK

Please note that the letter following /e, should be the letter you assigned to the share, in this example we used the letter K for the mapping, this will be different based on the shares you create.

12. Log into your rdweb portal and you will now see the mapped share as a remoteapp

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