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Terms, conditions and examples of itopia Pro Services

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  • Professional services are offered for Google Cloud and/ or Windows configurations work beyond what the software automates. 

  • For example: App installs, Data migration assistance, Advanced firewall/ network configurations, etc.


The following examples are based on average duration to complete the tasks. The time required to complete app installs depends on a specific application, if the vendor or other 3rd party is involved in the process, etc. In case of data migration, it depends on the migration method.

  • 5 Application installations for 1 server: 1 hour (common apps if vendor is not involved)

  • 500 GB data migration: 2 hours

  • Office 365 installation: 1 hour

  • VPN setup: 1 hour (only supported for Google site)




  • Before itopia engineers start the work, they need to have all required access and scope of work in advance. itopia engineers will only interact directly with itopia partners. If 3rd party involvement is required, it is the partner’s responsibility to engage and communicate information between such third party and itopia.

  • Professional Services is a metered component in itopia’s billing system which means it will reset to zero at the subscription renewal (every month). In other words, they need to be used during the billing period in which they are purchased.


  • Professional services will take place upon the receipt of a ticket that gets created after in-app purchase of Pro hours in itopia CAS.

  • After the ticket is received by itopia, the itopia support engineer and the customer will agree on the scope of the work and the time the work will be performed.

  • Professional services are preferably to be provided in a single session within the same day. If the business day is over, there is still purchased time left and the original scope of the work agreed on is not finished, the itopia engineer will continue working on the task on the following business day. 

  • Once itopia engineers have started the work, they will carry it out until completion or until the allocated time expires; whichever comes first. If there is time left and scope of work agreed upon completed, the remaining time will be lost.

  • Professional services hours of support are from 9am to 6pm EST, unless there's a time sensitive project that must be completed after hours and is mutually agreed upon prior to commencement of the project.

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