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4 different options to handle scanning in cloud

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Many Cloud Desktop clients use document or image scanning as part of their everyday work practices.
Scanning can be supported in several different ways. The manner most appropriate to your needs will depend upon the volume of scanning you perform and the budget you are trying to maintain to integrate scanning into your Cloud Desktop. 

 Scan to Email –  The best, easiest method

  • This function is supported by many mid-range multi-functional devices.  For example, many HP all-in-one printers, and other popular manufacturers, with prices under $300.

  • Reasonably high volume solution

Scan to FTP – Better than local scanning and still easy

  • This is typically supported by higher end scanners. Ricoh, Konica, Xerox, HP are some examples.

  • Highest Volume approach 

Local Scanning and copying email to the Cloud Desktop

  • For low volume scanning and does not integrate with Cloud Desktop

  • Simply scan to a local file and copy the file into your Cloud Desktop

Purchasing TSScan software or similar

  • This software has 2 installs. one is installed in the local computer and the other one in the terminal server

  • Itopia doesn't provide the licenses, it needs to be purchased from the vendor and managed by partner

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