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Default timezone settings in itopia management portal and in the servers, how to change the time zone

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itopia allows you to change the time zone in the management portal to match your deployment location. You can set up different time zone for every deployment.Β 

All the schedules you configure in the portal like Server uptime schedule or Snapshots schedule will then be in deployment local time. The tasks triggered by the schedules are as well executed according to your/ your client's time zone settings.

The time zone in the Audits Module will always remain in UTC. This is because the timezone in the Audits Module is global, and therefore not tied to the time zone of a single deployment, which means it cannot be changed.

How To Change The Time Zone In The CAS Portal

Time zone settings are set up when creating the deployment. You can change the Time zone from deployment details. To do this, login to the CAS portal and navigate to Settings β†’ General

Click Edit

Locate the Time Zone section and select your desired Time Zone.

Scroll down and click Save

Time Zone settings in the server

Google itself works with UTC. It's not recommended to change the time zone in the server manager since Google manages it and it may have dependencies that we are not aware of. If you change the Time Zone in Server manager, the Google api would probably change it back to UTC. Only domain admins can see the real time settings as UTC when logged in the server.

The end users get their local computer's time redirected from the local PC. Since they are RDP'ing into the servers, their sessions should always inherit the Time Zone they have set on their local computer.

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