Windows Templates and Default GPO's

Useful information about Windows templates and the default policies used by itopia to configure the servers

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The policies in place from itopia were created to keep users "safe" from themselves and to configure certain settings on the servers such as RDS licensing servers, remotefx options, useful Office 2013 and 2016 policies, etc.ย 

This is your environment so you can take a look at all the policies itopia deploys the domain with to be aware of what's in place. You can also modify your policies to customize deployment but we always recommend to contact the support prior to the group policy change to avoid risks and confirm all the implications.

Windows templates

We use office 2013 and 2016 templates (admx) for the office gpo's and then the rest are custom templates we created with settings described above.

Windows updates and patches

Patching is all managed by you - the partner, however, Google confirms that all Windows updates up to the date of the image are installed and Windows updates are set to automatically update. More information is available in:

If you make policy or system changes on the servers or directly in Google, you can affect the correct functionality of some features in itopia. Please contact the support prior to making any changes.


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