Change Deployment Details, Add New Site

How to add a new deployment site or how to change deployment details such as contact information, website, email domain or timezone.

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To change Deployment details in itopia CAS, select on the deployment you want to edit and from the dashboard hit the pencil icon on the top to access the editing window.

Make changes in the edit window and hit Save.
โ€‹NOTE: you will not be able to change the Legal Business Name

Time zone settings are important for the Snapshots and Server uptime schedules. Your Snapshots and Server uptime tasks will be run according to the time zone that is set up for the deployment.

Editing site details / Adding a new site

You can add a new site or edit an existing site from the same place as changing deployment details. Just select the deployment hit the pencil icon (fist step in this article).

You will see the sites on the right site of the screen. Hit the pencil icon next to the site name to edit an existing site details:ย 

Click the green + sign to add a new site:

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