Migrating data to the cloud 

You have several options to choose from, and by no means are you limited to the options below. These are just some of the options we have come up with that would work. 

1. Setting up a VPN and Robocopy the data. 

  • The VPN is optional because you could use this method over the network since the servers have public IPs. You would just have to open the appropriate ports, but we strongly suggest you don’t go about this route without a VPN because Robocopy isn’t an encrypted connection.

2. Setup an ftp server on the fileserver to transfer the data. Refer to this guide.

3. Installing data syncing app like Resilio sync to syncronize data over to the new platform

4. Google has partnered up with third party companies to provide an option to mail drives and upload their data to the cloud.
Offline Media Import/Export
Below are the providers Google has partnered with and the regions they covered. 

  • Zadara Storage:  North America, EMEA
    “Prices as low as .02 cents a GB. it will always depend on use case and how much data.”
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