To keep access to itopia management console, you'll need to upgrade your subscription when your 30 day trial period expires.

Upgrade before the trial period ends

You may also want to upgrade your subscription to a paid plan before your free trial expires. To upgrade, login to and click on the person icon in the top right corner. Hit Subscription

In the subscription tab, click the button END TRIAL NOW.
Credit card information is required if you are upgrading from the Free plan.

You will select a plan that you want to upgrade to, fill in your credit card details and click DONE. After that you upgraded to a paid plan.

Upgrade from Starter to Pro plan

Click the person icon in the top right corner and select Subscription

Then click the UPGRADE button

Select the billing frequency (monthly or annual) and click the Upgrade button under the Pro plan.

Once done, your saved credit card will be charged with the monthly or annual price and your regular billing date will reset to match the date of the upgrade.

Updating your current plan with add-ins

In the bottom of the screen, you can also Update the plan you have, meaning you can buy additional admins, users, servers or integrations without upgrading your plan. Just edit the number specifying how many additional admins, users, servers or integrations you'd like to add to your plan and hit Update button.

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