Itopia bills the partners one month in advance. The billing date depends on the day you did the upgrade of your itopia plan. You will be billed the same day every month and your statement will be sent to the company email address.
When the yearly billing is selected, the same is valid in yearly circles.

To confirm the email address the statements are sent to, login to itopia CAS and click on the person icon in the top right corner - click on Settings and look at the company details in the COMPANY tab. The email listed there is the one that receives the billing information.

If you want to edit your company settings, you can do so clicking on the pencil icon next to the Legal business name. Make sure you contact the support after changing the company details to confirm the information was updated successfully in the billing system.

If you cancel your subscription, your access will remain active until the end of your billing period (the period you last paid for).

Billing for Google infrastructure is separate and can be managed from Google Console.

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