Signup for Google Cloud

Continue from Google Marketplace and click SIGN UP FOR FREE TRIAL
Credit card information is mandatory but you will get $300 of free GCP credit as you start.

Make sure you use the correct email address to signup for Google. You want to use the company email address instead of your personal one.

Following steps are in the screenshots below. Read the terms, confirm and continue:

Provide the requested details and continue

Wait for your account to be created:

Remove quota restriction

Google restricts their Free subscription with 1 IP per Project. However, itopia deploys 2 servers with the basic settings. You can get around the restriction upgrading your account in Google. Upgrading will not affect your $300 credit nor it will add any additional charge. You will simply get billed accordingly after spending the 300$ credit. You can learn more in the Google document.

To remove the quota, go to Google Cloud Platform --> Main Menu (top left corner)   --> IAM & Admin --> Quotas --> Upgrade

When the process was done successfully, you will receive a confirmation email:

Done! You can login to itopia and Create your first Deployment !

Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.

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